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Our long time friend and talented wakeskater, Matt Manzari, suffered severe burns due to electrocution while trimming trees at his church a few weeks back. He and his family face a long road ahead, physically and financially, in both recovery as well as in preparation for the arrival of their first child.

Matt has touched so many lives and has been such an inspiration on many levels. His strength and determination can get him through anything. In hopes of creating an outlet to show support, I've designed a shirt inspired by the spirit of the Wolf. All proceeds will go directly to Matt Manzari and his family.

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Meet the wolfwithin tee

A design inspired by the fearlessness, strength, and determination to rise above all obstacles. All proceeds will go to Matt and his family to help in his road to recovery.

Can I purchase this tee?

As a matter of fact, they are now available in my online shop for $25. Shipping is still free within the United States, otherwise contact me for international orders. There's a limited number of tees so don't forget to order!

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