He focuses on web design and animation, but also appreciates brand design.

Using a wolf as the subject was an obvious decision. It's a symbol of Matt's fearlessness, strength and determination to rise above all obstacles. Incorporating Matt's Instagram username also gives meaning behind the graphic and makes this shirt his own. Real Thread printed the design on American Apparel Poly-Cotton shirts using water based ink (model photo by Ashley Heafy).

Wolfwithin shirt box
Wolfwithin shirt model

While the shirts were in production, I designed and developed a responsive splash page. The goal of the site was to raise awareness of Matt's accident and to promote my outlet of support. I also included a one-step subscription form to generate leads and update those interested of availability.

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Wolfwithin website - iPhone
Wolfwithin website - iPad

Social media played a major role in promoting Matt’s shirt. Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, The Wakeskate Tour, Wakeboarding Magazine and others supported via Facebook and Instagram. Circulation was crucial to the shirt's success. As a result, their reach expanded across the globe and into the homes of supporters as far as Australia.

Wolfwithin on The Wakeskate Tour's Instagram
Wolfwithin on Wakeboarding Magazine's Instagram


Meaningful design leveraged through social media resulted in the distribution of a respectable amount of shirts. All proceeds went to the Manzari family to help with Matt’s medical and living expenses. It's a true testament that the best projects are the ones that help your friends.

Follow along with Matt on his road to recovery, and his quest to live life to the fullest extent.